Contre la contrefacon! Authentic only….

We are AGAINST counterfeit. It is illegal, supports organised crime and  damages designers and brands. We sell only authentic items. An article in Le Matin today noted that in Paquîs – the “hot” area of Geneva – a shop is selling fake brands (Gucci, Chanel etc). It certainly is NOT us! Mrs Uptown worked for […]

Terrace launch & Spring celebration: drinks, DJ, prizes & designer clothes

Let’s celebrate spring with DOWNTOWN UPTOWN Genève on La Rotonde’s new terrace. The fabulous spring weather makes April the perfect time to get our summer essentials. The terrace of LaRotonde restaurant now extends in front of the luxury & designer consignment boutique DOWNTOWN UPTOWN Genève & the Pop-Up Pâquis shop, which offers you socially and […]

The largest consignment boutique in Geneva re-opens in a new space!

We are delighted to announce our new home! 32 rue de Monthoux, 1201 Genève. The largest luxury consignment boutique in Geneva. As featured in TimeOut, Guide du Shopping Ethique & StartUs. In 160m2, we bring you a selection of both luxury consignment and new socially responsible items , the only boutique in Geneva for men and […]