Supporting counter-trafficking in human beings

DOWNTOWN UPTOWN has a strong responsibility in its work on upholding and supporting non-exploitation and environmental responsibility. Part of this is ensuring that there is no exploitation in the supply-chain of our new brands (including fighting trafficking in human beings in the labour sector), and also financially supporting the fight against human trafficking. Bringing experience […]

Style N. Seven interviews Uptown Genève about their private sale!

Style No. Seven * Hi Uptown! Wow, so you are having a private winter sale before winter! That is great! How does that work? Uptown Genève  Hi Nellie! Yes, we are a luxury clothing consignment boutique (in french: dépot-vente de luxe) – which means we sell on behalf of high-end clients. Luckily, we currently have a […]

Go eco and slow fashion! Visit us in Paquis on taxi-bike or mouette…

Paquis, the right bank, you don’t go? Why not? No excuse! Come and discover… rue de Monthoux Now if you take a taxi-bike* or mouette to us and buy in our store, we will reimburse your transport fare 🙂 (*for taxi-bike, with a purchase over 200chf or more for a fare of up to 20chf on […]

Contre la contrefacon! Authentic only….

We are AGAINST counterfeit. It is illegal, supports organised crime and  damages designers and brands. We sell only authentic items. An article in Le Matin today noted that in Paquîs – the “hot” area of Geneva – a shop is selling fake brands (Gucci, Chanel etc). It certainly is NOT us! Mrs Uptown worked for […]

Terrace launch & Spring celebration: drinks, DJ, prizes & designer clothes

Let’s celebrate spring with DOWNTOWN UPTOWN Genève on La Rotonde’s new terrace. The fabulous spring weather makes April the perfect time to get our summer essentials. The terrace of LaRotonde restaurant now extends in front of the luxury & designer consignment boutique DOWNTOWN UPTOWN Genève & the Pop-Up Pâquis shop, which offers you socially and […]

Every day is women’s & men’s day

Many people may not know, but Mrs Uptown spent 20 years working on human rights, gender & international security…. during that time, much happened, including a resolution in the UN Security Council (legally binding on states) on the plight of women & girls in international conflicts. We see women’s and human rights as ‘human security’. […]

Spring into leather!

Photo: Roberto Cavalli leather & lizard jacket – click here to buy. Spring is here, the sun shines, BUT there is still a bite in the air or a chill at night…. the PERFECT weather for leather. Jackets, moto-jackets (perfecto), skirts, dresses, pants and 3/4 coats. See a selection of luxury consignment and vintage women’s and […]

Did you know? UPTOWN & new designers

Did you know that UPTOWN* doesn’t just offer you delicious luxury consignment items?! Our concept is responsible consumerism, quality & style! Thus, we also offer new designer items, that are made with responsibility (no human exploitation in the making of the items. Responsible sourcing of materials). Currently for women, we have Nellie’s natural stone jewellery with bracelets […]