Nellie's natural stone jewellery

Did you know? UPTOWN & new designers

Did you know that UPTOWN* doesn’t just offer you delicious luxury consignment items?! Our concept is responsible consumerism, quality & style! Thus, we also offer new designer items, that are made with responsibility (no human exploitation in the making of the items. Responsible sourcing of materials).

Currently for women, we have

  • Nellie’s natural stone jewellery with bracelets & necklaces (in store only) from the USA.
  • Désirée limited edition cocktail dresses from Poland.
  • Morin O luxury leather bags from Nigeria.

We regularly change our new designer feature for women, so profit now with great price reductions for Désirée & Morin.O (click on the names to shop!)

*DOWNTOWN for men in the same store, also has the same concept. For men we currently have NudieJeans, Veja baskets, Filippa K clothes, Penfield winter coats & doudounes, La Griffe shirts, Vaketta leather accessories (computer bags, wallets and money clips) & Monsieur Brumaire bowties (made from recycled kimonos).