Every day is women’s & men’s day

Many people may not know, but Mrs Uptown spent 20 years working on human rights, gender & international security…. during that time, much happened, including a resolution in the UN Security Council (legally binding on states) on the plight of women & girls in international conflicts.

We see women’s and human rights as ‘human security’. What is that?? you may ask – put simply, it means the responsibility of individuals, society, business and governments to uphold our integrity and basic needs (this includes not abusing the environment) and to ensure freedom from abuse, exploitation and violence. A.k.a. nobody – women or men, girls or boys – should suffer. Women & girls shouldn’t need to be ‘strong’ or ‘rebellious’, but should be able to, every day, be secure in just being, just as all humans should.

Unfortunately, exploitation still occurs everywhere, including in the fashion industry. One way to combat this, is to uphold principles of human security… and ‘equity’ – fairness, justice, decency, goodness.

We at DOWNTOWN UPTOWN support all battles for equity. In our boutique, we offer & promote concepts that stand by our principles of equity, by promoting slow fashion. That is:

  • recycled luxury (women & men) & mid-range brands (men). Our excessive consumerism creates exploitation – either of people (through those that make our clothes), or materials (those substances – from cotton to synthetics to precious metals – that we buy for fashion). One way to minimise this is to recycle or use items again (this includes collector vintage), and to buy higher quality items with better production conditions, that last longer.
  • responsible, fair-trade & fairwear clothes & accessories. Using synthetics, cheap production and irresponsible ways of making clothes, shoes & accessories, contributes to inequity and exploitation (sweat-shops) of human rights (we’ll let you do your own research on that – but you can start by clicking here!). So, DOWNTOWN UPTOWN & Pop-up Paquis, offer you new items that only are made with fair conditions, and in an environmentally responsible way.
  • we practice what we preach! We use recycled paper bags when you buy from us, we offer our customers organic fair-trade coffee (in reusable cups), we recycle and we donate un-sold items to those in need.

So, do we support ‘International Women’s Day’? Yes, by supporting – everyday – the rights and equity of everyone.

You can too by coming to visit us! 32 rue de Monthoux, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland.

A bientôt!