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DOWNTOWN UPTOWN is luxury recycled unique fashion. We started UPTOWN for women to offer you luxury and designer goods that last; to bring back understanding of quality and slow fashion and to encourage “up-cycling”. This is based on the concept of too much waste in the fashion industry, with too low-pricing on throw-away clothes and the fake industry.

DOWNTOWN for men is also now online! With a curated selection of our best men’s luxury recycled pieces. We also have new menswear from socially responsible brands.

Please note that some items in the boutique are not online and that some out of season (Europe) items may only be available on the website.

UPTOWN is where to go to find quality evening wear, shoes, bags, accessories. Giji is so helpful in finding what you want - I asked for a special cheongsam, I got it! And if you want to empty your wardrobe, it's the place to go too - but please, only ``quality stuff


Client, April 2016
How to Sell ?

UPDATE 29 November 2018

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL DEPOT ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! Please respect that we are professional with years of experience and knowledge and we do not give free valuation/price estimates for you to sell in your own vide-dressing or elsewhere. With pleasure we can give a price estimation for a fee. All price valuations for clients that sell with us are free. 

For men, please call +41 78 907 91 27 for queries and a RDV. For winter, we take luxury brands accessories, bags, shoes, jackets & winter coats.

For women, any queries must be made via the website ONLY. We do not  take drop-ins nor answer queries in the boutique. Thank you. For women, we are only taking only a selection of WINTER clothes, shoes/boots, luxury bags and accessories during October-December. We take cocktail/gala wear all year.
**We have a high demand for Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton & Hermès, so do not hesitate to contact us for these items, where you can receive up to 90% commission.**

STEP 1) Email ONE photo of each item (noting the brand & the general sizing) to info(at) (click here)

STEP 2) If we take your items, we will fix an appointment for you to come to the shop.
* We also offer a pick-up service in Genève centre for 40chf or Canton of Geneva for 50chf (Lausanne/Vaud 80chf).

STEP 3) We sell your items in Geneva and via our website internationally!

STEP 4) You collect payment when your items are sold!

* If we do not take your items, we will also answer you.

* Please do NOT clean the outside of luxury bags, except at a professional spa of the brand of the bag itself.

* Please remove all items and dust/hair from the pockets/inside, using a lint remover.

See  details below. Our general legal information is here.

Uptown boutique geneva is the good address to shop your second hand designer brand, where you can found the item still in very good quality (like a brand new) and with interesting price and very nice staff as well, definitely I will come back!


Client, February 2018

General conditions for consignment – DOWNTOWN UPTOWN Genève

Updated September 2018

Please note, this type of contract is binding upon signature under Swiss law. There is no right to revocation period.

1.The client presents an ID and leaves in DOWNTOWN UPTOWN, a lot of bags / clothing / shoes / accessories as listed on the contract. DOWNTOWN UPTOWN reserves the right to take a copy of the ID.

2.Items must be genuine. All counterfeit articles will be refused. Should the counterfeit be discovered after the contract signature, the item may be confiscated by police and DOWNTOWN UPTOWN is not required to compensate the client.  The client confirms that to their knowledge, there is no indication that the goods have been obtained by means of an offense against property, especially during a conflict, or theft. Items must be in excellent condition and clean. Clothing must be pressed and brought on hangers. The shoes in original bags / boxes, if not, in individual bags. Articles are selected by DOWNTOWN UPTOWN. We have the right to refuse any items that do not comply with the above conditions or that have already been sold second-hand or that are currently being sold elsewhere/ on an online platform / social media group or that are not the original property of the client.

3.Any cleaning and repair costs of the items offered are either borne by the client, or deducted from the benefit of sale of items of the client. The cleaning fees are indicated on the contract and are reduced from the commission of the client. Should no items be sold, the client bears the cost of repair/cleaning of the items and is to pay this amount to DOWNTOWN UPTOWN.

4.This contract is exclusive, hence the client may not sell the items privately, nor in another store nor on an online platform/social media group during the term of the contract. Should the client have the item advertised or for sale elsewhere during the term of the contract, DOWNTOWN UPTOWN reserves the right to adjust the price of the item in the boutique to the same advertised price (including taxes) and thus adjust the client’s commission accordingly, following the % commission agreed to upon signature of the contract. Should the client violate the contract, DOWNTOWN UPTOWN reserves the right to remove the items from sale with no compensation due to the client. See also Article 9.

5.The client, in agreement with DOWNTOWN UPTOWN, shall fix the desired benefit from sale for each of the items during the contract period. This is marked on the contract. The items are placed on consignment for a period of 2 months. On the contract, the client’s commission is indicated for the first 30 days (period A) and the second 30 days (period B) at a reduced benefit (-10%), from the contract signature.

6.DOWNTOWN UPTOWN undertakes sale of the item on behalf of the client in the shop, on the shop online: & on our facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest and other associated social media pages. DOWNTOWN UPTOWN will add their commission (between 10% and 40% depending on the article) to the contract price of the item and add tax on each item (paid by the buyer). If the items are also placed in the shop online, DOWNTOWN UPTOWN reserves the right to add bank charges & shipping costs – paid by the buyer (calculated by value/weight).

7.For the sale of each item, the benefit corresponding to the sale period will be available to the client at the expiration of the contract.

8.The client has one week after the contract expiry date to recover unsold items. Beyond this period, DOWNTOWN UPTOWN reserves the right to dispose of the unrecovered merchandise and the client can not claim any compensation. It is the client’s responsibility to take note of the expiry date of the contract and make an appointment at the shop to collect unsold items within one week of the contract expiry. Clients are responsible for noting & remembering the expiry date.

9.If the client wants to recover some or all articles submitted before the end of the contract, they must pay administration fees (for marketing, advertising, overheads etc) amounting to a minimum of 30chf and a maximum of 20% of the period A contract price for each item, whichever is higher.

10.The client must collect the benefit from sales of items within 365 days. After this time, the full benefit from the sale goes to DOWNTOWN UPTOWN.

11.DOWNTOWN UPTOWN Sarl takes all reasonable care of the items whilst on contract. We however are not responsible for minor damage or wear caused by clients trying on articles.