Last Updated on 12 November, 2016

Yes. UPTOWN authenticates each item before it goes on sale. We have several years of expertise in authentication of all luxury brands. See who we are here.

All our clients undergo a vetting process and we know the origins of our items.

We reject any fake or suspicious items. Counterfeiting supports organised crime and we work to combat this and to educate people about it.

We provide a DOWNTOWN UPTOWN certificate of authenticity and value for items over 1’000chf.

There are no risks at DOWNTOWN UPTOWN! We are an established company registered in Switzerland. All are items are authenticated and our payment system is secure. Delivery is made by registered post or delivery company and insured.

We use french sizing. Click here for more information. 

DOWNTOWN UPTOWN staff set the prices of the items.

There are no sets rules on second-hand pricing. Variations means that it takes an expert to set a price that is appropriate. Unlike other large online shops sites for second hand, we set the pricing from our years of expertise (not by the seller).

We ensure that the price reflects the value and condition of the item as well as market demand.

Unfortunately there are no refunds nor exchanges, as we sell on behalf of clients, whom are paid once the item is bought.

We provide detailed information and photos about each item to ensure that you are satisfied and the fit is correct. See here.

Shipping is included in the price on the website, there is no additional shipping cost.

If you are outside of Switzerland, you do not pay Swiss tax (this is removed from the price when you enter your address.)

If you are outside of the EU, it is the recipient that may have to pay customs, depending on your country’s regulations. However, we are contracting with a delivery company that also organises customs duties, to minimise the cost to you.

Selling is easy and risk-free. You bring items to us to sell and once sold, we take a commission and you receive cash. WE do all the hard work of photographing, displaying and advertising the item, serving the customer, answering questions and shipping the item. You just sit back and relax! See our consign page for how to do it and our detailed terms and conditions.

ERP = Estimated Retail Price. That is, the price to by the bag new from the brand store or affiliated retailer.

Buyers need to understand that new luxury goods, especially bags, can be at different prices worldwide, dependant on import/export, taxes and customs duties and other factors. Hence, a new bag of a certain model can retail at different prices in different countries. Furthermore, if comparing prices globally, you must take into account differing currency exchange rates & customs duties…..!

We aim to make it easier for you. The ERP on our site is calculated through several factors. Price new in the year it was issued, often adjusted with inflation, to reflect today’s market prices. This is particularly the case for items over a few years old.

For vintage items, the “ERP” reflects the value of the item also. Thus, if it is a collector piece, both the ERP and the selling price, will reflect its value and collectability value as well.

Some of the larger online second hand stores now provide a “price calculator”. This is done through a calculated algorithm of past buyers and sellers pricing. Our difference is that we calculate based on physical knowledge of the product AND its condition & value (as all are items are physically in store).

Rest assured, we find the best value for both the buyer and seller.

Correct! We give an advantage to our clients that come into our shop, with a reduction from the website price.

But our website clients have an advantage too – free delivery and no Swiss tax if you buy from outside Switzerland!