Luxury vintage fashion parade

Luxury vintage fashion parade UPTOWN Genève presents a luxury vintage fashion show 20h Friday 20 May 2016 (doors open 19h30) as part of the GenevArte Classic Festival @ l’Hotel Richemond, Rue Adhémar-Fabri 8-10, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland More info on the 3 day event here Buy tickets here.


CAPRICORN: You should be happy but there may be a secret that is worrying you. Give your thoughts to verse rather than act in haste. Impulsive moves could leave you with regrets. You are feeling quite determined. Careful financial manipulation allows you to choose that outfit most wanted; emphasise the shoes.


Be interested in people. Later in the week it is time to slow down and put your ideas to practical use. Avoid misunderstandings and look for a clearer picture. It is not good to be too focused on money and material considerations. Seek wisdom. Dress with flair in a fitted cocktail dress.


Mid-week allows you to start moving forward on your personal activities following a go-slow time. Late in the week is a time to monitor your thoughts and actions so that over-work or intensity of feeling do not spoil your day. Indigo or black combined with gold accessories makes a dramatic outfit.


Make the best of the early days by working in harmony with a partner or good friend. This will fortify you for dealing with the antagonisms later in the week. Where you want to go, may be blocked by some person or institution that does not agree. Dress for confidence. Smokey pastels accented with deep […]


An interesting time of advancement in your social or career path. Check that the passions are well directed for better success. Later in the week, your generosity of spirit will help you solve some heavy problem. A yellow bag and indigo shoes combine well with some agate stone for emphasis.


Exciting new opportunities help life to move forward, but you will need to focus. By the end of the week things could get a little tough in your relationships. Working life could be quite disrupted and require considerable personal control. An amber dress with burnt orange shoes look good for a new outfit.


Be cautious with your words and thoughts, lots of originality interspersed with undirected restlessness, which however may lead to beneficial discovery. Later, all that love and understanding may not be well received, alter your viewpoint. A satin beaded cocktail dress for your romantic mood.


Life takes a very busy tone. You should be happy as you adjust to the constant new turns of direction. A magical time for being inventive and finding wonderful solutions to all sorts of problems. Finances and feelings could be a little strained at the week’s end. Grape sling backs and blue studded bag for […]


Stand still, give some quiet reflection to what is going on around you and inside your feelings. Be prepared for the end of the week when some strongly passionate time, if negotiated well, will reveal that magic treasure and opportunity to revamp. Try a chocolate messenger bag with a multicolour dress.